Limescale Removed From Ceramic Tiles in Basingstoke Shower Cubicle

The photographs below are taken from a house in the old market town of Basingstoke which is now the largest town in Hampshire. I was asked to address a very severe case of Limescale build-up in a shower cubicle. The wall tiles were Ceramic and a shocking amount of Limescale had deposited itself on them and the shower tray over the years; the owners were going to have to replace everything if Tile Doctor could not come to the rescue!

The photos below really demonstrate the extent of the problem and needless to say the Gauntlet had been laid down and I was ready for a challenge!

Limescale Removal Basingstoke Shower Cubicle Before Limescale Removal Basingstoke Shower Cubicle Before

Cleaning a Ceramic tiled shower cubicle

My first task was to provide the Ceramic tiled walls with an initial clean. I did this by firstly mixing a diluted solution of the high alkaline cleaner known as Tile Doctor Pro Clean and then applying this on the tiles and leaving it to dwell for a while before scrubbing it in by hand in order to remove any surface dirt and scum. This was then washed off and I set my mind to the main task at hand: the Limescale removal.

Removing Limescale from a Ceramic Tiled Shower Cubicle

To remove the Limescale it is necessary to apply an acidic product. However, there is an issue for homeowners that most products readily available on the market come in a liquid form, which of course simply drips down the tile, and therefore does not work to the best of its abilities. Fortunately, Tile Doctor recently launched a new product by the name of Acid Gel. Since it’s in a gel form it stays put on the surface and does not evaporate or dry out too quickly. This allows it time to break down the Limescale and other difficult stains.

Acid Gel was thus applied to the affected areas and left to dwell for a short while. I then scrubbed it deeply into the tile and grout lines, and follow up with an application of steam to tackle the stubborn areas and help the Acid Gel to tackle the Limescale.

Limescale Removal Basingstoke Shower Cubicle After Limescale Removal Basingstoke Shower Cubicle After

The results were absolutely fantastic, and even the shower tray – which was in a very poor state indeed – came up very clean. Needless to say, my client was very pleased that they now do not have to replace the shower!

Dealing with Limescale Build-up in Hampshire

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